Kopimism, the new swedish religion

Kopimism, or Copyism, is a newly founded religion with loose ties to the swedish Pirate Party (no more than shared members) and have the golden rule “Copy And Share”. It was on the 3rd of January 2012 registered as a religion by the Swedish Chamber Court and any persecution against any of it’s 3000 members are to be considered a hate crime.

Read more about it here:
Original swedish article

English translated article


  1. Religion?I have a question: Why are some humans so entrenched into turning everything into ‘religion’ even if it down to the core has nothing to do with it?Oh wait… because that’s the only worldview they can abide by (at this point in time).

    • Well, in this case it’s a religion because it fills all the criterias for a religion. Worldview and religion is very similar, and a religion is a worldview, but worldview, as you imply, is not the same thing as religion.

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