EA CEO leaves and takes the bad rep with him

Wow, EA runs through executive staff faster than I run through my underwear!
Following the massive breakdown of the servers after the launch of several of their games that requires the DRM method “always online” through their own system, Origin, and the fact that they have lost a lot of cred due to the constant failure of the servers and the slap-in-the-face price for the content (a lot held back, then later released as DLC, that you have to pay again for) has lead to them not meeting the budget reqirements.
The CEO announced yesterday that he will now be leaving EA and takes 100% responsibility for this, even thou the company has been running the same method for over a decade and he’s only been CEO for 6 years.
My bet is that he took the severance pay for the massive popularity of SimCity and left as a scape goat to “reboot” the popularity of the company!

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