Google tries to censor a nation and undermine themselves?!?

The Swedish Council of Language (Språkrådet) is an organization that monitors trends in words Swedes uses and every year they compile a list of new words that should be in the dictionaries and old words that should be removed. Many dictionary companies adhere to these lists, those who have the resources ignore the latter part, of course, but all of them puts in the new words. You can count on Språkrådet to be unbiased and they really do their research well.

A few years ago a new word popped up in their list, googla (to google), a verb meaning to look something up on the Internet. This year, a new adjective got on the list, a description of something unsearchable on the Internet. The word is ogooglebar (ungoogleable). That’s when the shit hit the fan!

Google is threatening Språkrådet with court orders and is even threatening to sue them if they don’t remove this word from their list. They are so offended by this word that they are willing to go through serious hoops just to get the word banned, but why?

The list is made from words already in common use, just because it’s not in the dictionaries it wouldn’t prevent people from using it. It’s already released, so a revised version of the list wouldn’t prevent the dictionary makers from putting the word in, just to expand their dictionaries a bit. Also, and this is a big point, the word is in honor of Google, showing their brand name is so big that if you can’t find it, if it’s beyond anyone’s reach, it is ungoogleable! It’s not unsearchable, it’s not unreachable, it’s not even untouchable, it’s ungoogleable!

Does Google, one of the most powerful companies in the world, really think they are powerful enough to enforce censorship of a whole countries everyday chatting? I mean, this blog is searchable on Google, it’s googleable, and it contains the word. The word is out there, they might as well just accept it, feel honored that they are THAT big, and realize they are still not big enough to censor a nation!


    • Yeah, you see? That did a major difference for Google and their sales, didn’t it? And it will be much worse if it’s in the dictionaries in one of the worlds smallest countries, right? 😛

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