My top reasons why Windows 8 sucks

So, got a virus infection so deep into my computer that I couldn’t get rid of it. Had no choice but to clean the computer and install a new version of Windows. I thought I should keep with the times and “upgrade” to Windows 8… that was a horrible mistake. Not counting the 3 DAYS it took to do it, with all the busted DVD’s and botched installations, or the “accidental” whiping of the wrong drive (the installer deleted over 3 years worth of work, about half of it unreleased, setting me back several months on most of my projects, thanks for that Microsoft. If I had the money, I’d get the lawyers and sue your asses off), here’s my top reasons why W8 sucks:

1) Customizability 0

There are no options at all visible to customize your experience. There isn’t even a menu anymore, all you get is the “Start Screen” that you’re forced to use for everything. I can’t even get bloody Skype to go into windowed mode, due to #2 (all puns intended).

2) Apps instead of programs, forced

If it’s a Microsoft owned license, it is now a Windows app instead of a program. This means programs like Skype are now in one single layout, no customization, no menus, no nothing. You’re forced to use it in full screen mode, and it will minimize itself for every action you take outside the screen if you have several monitors, because one year of beta testing and nobody thought of testing it on multiple monitors.

3) No menu

Want to quickly start a program or get where you need to be? It’s not as easy as it used to be, because the Start Menu is gone! You now have to click the Windows button (sorry, if you don’t have a licensed Microsoft keyboard that lacks this button) or drag the mouse to the top-left corner (not indicated by anything visual at all, and no instructions for this, I had to search for it in order to find out how) and click to get to the Start Screen and try to figure out how to navigate that, with 2/3 taken up by commercial stuff like the Microsoft Store (really, who the hell needs that anyway, if it wasn’t for the forced use of it to install apps?).

4) Forced online synchronization with your “MSN Account”

Your Windows account that previously was just a name, a picture and possibly a password, is now a MSN account. You need to synchronize it online, connect it to your email and even activate it in order to use the damn thing. This means farewell to all of you who had hoped to install this shit without connecting it to the Internet, if you wanna do it the legal way.

5) Third Party Applications needed to customize basic things

The most basic things, like being able to run programs in windowed mode, require TPA’s, some of them even costs quite a bit. Yup, that’s right, Windows, that got its name for being based on having several windows open, doesn’t support windowed mode on its own applications and the only way around it is to install a separate app, unsupported by Microsoft, that “hacks” it for you.


  1. OMG and I thought it was just me with this shit. I would love for someone to come out with something / anything better than this crap. This MSN account crap is for the birds and as far as their concern for my safety , well im safe cause I cant even get it set up after three hours. Thank GOD I have my old laptop. I’m returning this new HP to Best Buy with this shitty Windows 8.

    • Well, I’m sure the computer is good, you just need a new operating system. Here in Sweden, electronics stores are actually getting people coming back with computers, saying they are broken, but it turns out it’s just that they have Windows 8. In the beginning, they refused to do anything about it without compensation, but some stores have actually begun to “downgrade” to W7 free of charge for people coming in with W8 laptops.

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