I’m tired of YouTubes constant trampling on the users

YouTube updates quite often, and with each update comes new “improvements” that affect everyone negatively, both users and uploaders.

A while ago they changed the layout of each profile page to allow “customization”, but in fact, it lead to every playlist getting distorted and a lot of people who make their living off youtube lost many views due to this and most users found it hard to navigate.

Then we got used to it and adapted.

Then they changed the layout of the front page, you no longer see your subscriptions unless you click on it specifically, instead opting for their “recommendations”, which mostly consists of those who have paid for advertising on the front page. The result of this was that many people who make their living of youtube (let’s call them youtubers, that’s easier) lost a lot of income and most users found it hard to navigate.

We got used to it, but couldn’t adapt.

Then they tampered with the subscription mechanics to “improve suggestions”, which backfired and many users lost recent uploads by some of their subscriptions, which lead to youtubers loosing money again.

We got used to it, but it’s hard to adapt to such things.

Then they “updated” the crawler that checks if the youtubers really own or have permission for what they upload, flagging many videos as possible copyright violation if they made the music themselves, because there are no official records of them actually owning it. This turns of “monetization”, youtubes platform for ad revenue for the youtubers, until they can prove they actually have the rights to the music. This is a big problem, since to prove it, you need to contact the youtube headquarters, but they don’t hand out their contact info, so all you can do is update the information on the video to clearly specify that you made the musical pieces and hope that they some day will check it out and approve. You don’t get any form of notice when they do this and it can take a LONG time before they do, unless you’re MGM, Warner Brothers, United Artists, Paramount or any of the other major global media companies, in which case they trust that it’s yours and won’t even check.

I have gotten into this trap myself and I asked on their official forums how to get the monetization back. The answers were disturbing, to say the least. Basically, what you get is a “tough luck” and realize that you need a few billion dollars in your back pocket to get your voice heard, so you can make those 100-200$ per quarter extra. Great system, huh? It’s been 10 months since one of my videos were flagged for possible copyright violation, and the funny thing is that it’s the only video I released on that account where I created and own everything shown or heard. I didn’t even use any stock sounds for effects, I made it all myself, but the intro song I spent 30 minutes doing got flagged because I didn’t put any of the known artists down as the creator… well, DUH, I made it myself, so I put myself as the creator. Youtubes crawler didn’t believe it and since then, my most popular video has generated 0$.

This is something we have to get used to if we want to continiue using youtube, but again, it’s hard to adapt.

Now there’s a new “update”, that most people don’t even realize exists. You no longer get notifications about comment responses on your front page, you have to go into the mailbox to see these. The only notifications you get on the front page, under “messages”, is the PM’s you get from others. On top of this, when you go on a video you have a response on, you no longer see your own comment, nor the response, in the top bit. You have to go into “see all comments” and scroll through the possible millions of comments to find yours, then scroll back to try and spot the response.

I’m pretty sure we’ll get used to this too, but as far as I’m concerned, I won’t even try to adapt to that!

It’s gone so far, in fact, that I’m thinking of migrating to one of the lesser watched streaming services and loose all my favourite shows and all my viewers and rebuild from scratch, just because of these things. Yup, that’s right, I’m seriously considering a boycott of youtube thanks to their constant trampling on us users! I know me leaving won’t leave much of a dent, but I hope to see others follow suit and if enough of us do, they might realize that there comes a time when the dog you’ve been beating up bites back!

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