Thieves today are STUPID

8 years ago, when my college years were finally over and I got thrusted into the world of adulthood, I had managed to save up about 600£. It’s not much, but it was the bare minimum to get myself a drivers license, something I really wanted and I was prepared to do the extra work to get it, because even if I couldn’t get a car, many jobs back then required you to have the license.

Within a month, all the money was gone, all the money I could have used during college for new clothes, new games, entertainment, better equipment or whatever you do during college, instead of just putting it on the bank. I had faith in the bank and during the time of saving I had this goal set and I was so content with the idea of having the driving license that I didn’t really care about all the fun people around me had while I was sitting in my room finding free entertainment for myself (mostly sitting around the computer).

Where did my money go? Into the pocket of cardscammers! This was just at the peak of technology knowledge and right before security knowledge, so my card got swiped at the ATM when I was taking out money. I know exactly where and when it was done and I know exactly where and when the money was taken.

I told the bank, I showed them proof but after a 2 week long investigation, neither the police nor the bank wanted to do anything about it. Why? Because the thieves back then were SMART. They had mimiced my transactions, they took 4£here and 6£ there, right after I’ve taken those sums from the account, thereby making it “impossible” for the bank to track which was mine and which were theirs (even thou theirs were ALWAYS the second and ALWAYS made in a city I’ve never even been in, but the bank called it “impossible to track”).

What’s the point of this story? Well, not only that the banks are gigantic dicks, but also that thieves back then had brains.

Today I read an article of a 21-year-old that got caught with over 30 000 account numbers and passwords. How did he get caught? Well, he tried to empty the accounts into his own. When that didn’t work, he tried to order goods for over 33 000£. When that didn’t work, the police knocked on his door, took his computer and put him in jail.

This is the story of most scammers today, you hardly ever read about scammers that gets away with it anymore and whenever you hear about a scam someone has been caught in, the scammers have emptied the account straight up.


Just imagine if this 21-year-old had had a little bit of math skills. He had 30 000 accounts at his disposal, each with varying amounts of money. If he took 5£ from each, he would end up with 15 000£ and who reacts when they see a transaction for 5£? That is a full years salary for a low-paid worker in one, fell swoop.

If he did this at the same point every 3rd month, he would have the equivalent of a highly paid middle-manager each year and nobody would lift an eyebrow. The banks and the police would definitely not put any resources into finding a thief that takes 5£ from your account 4 times per year and the most the banks would do would be to cut off future transactions to that account, but by then the scammer would probably have more accounts and it wouldn’t really matter.

Thieves today don’t have the brains to steal, they are back at 1980’s type of crime, where the robbers would rob anyone that looked rich, never mind that the guy you’re pointing your little pocket knife at is 2m tall and weighs 150kg in pure muscles, with a black belt tied around his waist and a police badge poking out the front and a gun pointing out the back.


Don’t get me wrong, I love that thieves today are stupid, I hate people who steal from others, but I would still prefer to have 5£ taken from my account every 3 months than 600£ taken when I need the money, especially since the dickheads at the bank doesn’t do anything about either of those!

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