More gripes with Windows 8

Ok, now I am certain, Microsofts development team, or at least the ones behind Windows 8, are MORONS!

As you might know, I make a living out of typing. I work with blogs, coding and such things that requires a lot of tappity-tappity-tap on the keyboard. We are quite a few that uses the keyboard a lot when we’re in front of the computer. In fact, I could bet anything that YOU use your keyboard a lot when you’re at the computer, typing away.

This is something I bet the dev team at Microsoft knows, so why did they make the dialog boxes (the small windows that pop up to tell you something is wrong, ask you if you really want to do something or just pop in your face to annoy you, with a high-pitched *DING* in your ears) are removed on the press of any button on the keyboard?

When I sit here typing, I can quite often hear this *DING* and at the same time I see one of those boxes pop up and disappear so quickly that I can’t even read the first letter before it’s gone. It seems like it’s random whether you accept or decline whatever message it is, because sometimes nothing at all seems to happen, and sometimes all hell breaks loose. I was sitting here the other day, typing away as usual, in a good workflow for the first time in a long time. All of a sudden, I hear the *DING* and see the flash of the dialog box, this time I managed to recognize the icon in the upper left corner of it thou, and it was 4 colourful boxes (generally recognized as the logo for AVG Anti-Virus). I know what message it was, because immediately, the computer got slow and a pop-bubble came up above the clock in the lower right corner of the screen, proclaiming AVG was successfully updated and asked me to stand by. From that point, all I could do was sit here and watch all the work since my last save just fade away as my computer restarted.

As I read reviews from other developers, I see mixed results. There are of course more negative reviews than positive ones, but there is a theme to the positive reviews: They are either talking about tablets, smartphones and other touch devices or they are talking about Windows app development.

I have yet to find a single positive review from a developers standpoint that doesn’t entirely talk about developing a Windows app or developing for touch devices. This is such a small portion of the market that it makes me wonder if this was just an attempt by Microsoft to get more people to develop for them, by making it so intensely hard to use for anything other than testing the apps you’ve developed for it that people would somehow give up on their regular development and move over to Windows apps.

And I’m not talking about desktop applications now, no that was the old Windows, I’m talking the apps from the Windows app store, that takes up an entire screen, that is only accessible through the very backwards Start splash screen, that you have to switch between by dragging your mouse to the top and cant have on screen along with other applications.

I don’t care if Microsoft fired their CFO, who recently came out and took all the blame for the failure of Windows 8, I don’t care if they are currently working on getting the Start menu back, I don’t care because 1) the damage is already done and 2) it won’t fix the big problems, it’s just going to calm the bigger crowd for a moment by giving them something to look at, like jingling a keychain in front of a baby.

I am not the best developer in the world, I could probably not make something as advanced as a fully integrated operating system, but then again, I am alone, Microsoft has a massive, global hoard of programmers. I bet every single one of them could do a better operating system with a piece of paper and a pile of dogshit thou, and that is why this is the last time I trust Microsoft and refuse to purchase anything more from them. I am not the one to make the shit reference easy, but this time there is no other way to describe this latest venture of Microsoft: Windows 8 is SHIT.

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