are assholes!

I went on to find where we as viewers can get support if we have issues, such as those of us in regions where they have no ads currently but still get the “you’re not watching ads, we’re blocking the video you want to watch for 90 seconds”.

This is what you get if you either use adblocker or there's no available ads in your region... Punished because they couldn't find ads to shove down your throat!
This is what you get if you either use adblocker or there’s no available ads in your region…
Punished because they couldn’t find ads to shove down your throat!

They have no user support, only uploader support, but what I found there scares me:
Starting April 5th, 2013, we are going to enable pre-roll advertising for all shows that do not have pre-rolls enabled already.

Blip’s mission is to be the place to discover the best in original web series.

We support this mission by selling advertising against the content that you, the Blip Producer community, create and upload. The technology and bandwidth required to deliver your shows to a wide audience is paid for by advertising, similar to television.  

We understand that some shows publish trailers or short videos that don’t mix with pre-roll well.  To account for this, we will allow each show to turn off ads for 5 videos.

We know that for some long-time Blip producers running advertising on your content will be unsettling.  Rest assured that all of the available data in the market shows that audiences have become acclimated to pre-roll ads.  In many cases, a prominent brand in front of an episode actually increases the perceived value of the show.

We will not be rolling out any ad products that ruin the viewing experience.  Remember, with our 50/50 revenue share, we’re all in this together.  The more successful you are, the more successful we are.  Our number one priority is getting people to watch your show!
Basically, they are saying that whether the producer wants to or not, they are putting ads in front of every video, without regard to how it affects the quality of the show. They defend this by (wrongfully) assume that the viewers won’t mind at all and that it won’t affect the views whatsoever… except it does!
Pre-roll ads are the biggest reason to why people get ad-blocker in the first place, people don’t want to sit through 2-3 minutes of ads waiting for a 1-minute show and many people watches several episodes at once, meaning they could spend an hour watching, where 40-50 minutes are ads and 10 minutes are actual content.

These things should be up to the producer of the show, not the platform it is shown on!

That last bit about “we’re in this together” seems like they know this is wrong, but want to push off the blame to those “greedy producers”…


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against ads as a form of revenue, but it should be done right and with the consent of the owner of the content you put the ads in. You can’t just shove the ads down the viewers throat without the consent of the producer of the video and then blame the producer for it and if the viewer happens to be in a region you didn’t have ad contracts with, you can’t blame the viewer for it.
What they do now is nothing short of beating down both the producers and the viewers!

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