This is not even fun anymore… Up until a few weeks ago, I lived for programming, I loved it, but after a few weeks of going through TEN frameworks, all of them FUCKED UP by Google, I’ve lost the love for it… Right now, I don’t even want to look at code anymore!
Maybe tomorrow or later today I’ll go back and try to teach myself by experimenting, but right now, it’s so fucking heartbreaking to see the company I used to root for just destroy everything I love to do.
They are like Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA and all other AAA companies, everything they touch turns to dust.

The most recent example I have of this happened just a few moments ago. For these past few weeks I’ve been trying to find a good framework for a programming idea I have that I want out there. This program will be the start of my own company, the base of which I build my career, so I need a good framework to work with. The past 9 I’ve used have been tied in to Google in one way or another and when Google is involved, everything turns to shit, because like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and all those other companies, Google like to update their shit every 2 seconds, messing everything up.

So, I did extra research, I made sure this framework didn’t have ANY ties to Google and I sit down with the official tutorial to start coding. Every step in this 24 step guide takes about an hour, so imagine how hard I punched the table when step 12 tells you to download the Google-hosted Particle Editor. They still have the guide for it, they still have the demos for it, but they DON’T HAVE THE ACTUAL EDITOR anymore. This guide was made 2 months ago, the framework isn’t even a year old yet and Google have already dropped their support for a KEY ITEM for it.

I cannot continue the tutorial, and thereby I cannot get any further into my programming because I need those particles and the only way to get them is to use the particle editor.


Google, what happened? When did you drop the ball? When did you decide to become the Slayer of All? You started from the bottom, just one search engine among many, had some nice features and a nice following, turned it into a profitable company, turned that into an industry standard-making factory and was held as the single biggest resource for coders of all walks, but now you’ve gone over to destroy the very coders you once held so dear and that once held you so dear.

Why Google? Why did you betray us? You were supposed to be the chosen one!

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  1. Google hates anyone who likes to make money at what they love doing. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, make sure your business plan has nothing to do with Google. Otherwise, it will just be a matter of time before they destroy you. I’ve been there 3 times.

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