Have I mentioned that I don’t agree with Google’s methods?

Once again, new YouTube updates which forces the users to make changes to their channels. This time it is the dreaded integration with G+, Google’s failed version of a social network. “Why is this a problem, you have Facebook, Twitter and probably even Instagram!”
Sure, but there I get to choose what I share and who I share it with. Google lives under the misconception that everyone wants everyone else to know everything they do, exactly when they do it and where they are when they do it. This is called monitoring, and that’s not entirely legal… unless you agree to it!
What Google does is that they keep asking you if you agree to it until you cave in, and if enough people stand their ground, they force their services to use G+ integrations and thereby forcing the users to use it as well, if they want to continue using the integration.

I happen to use a channel on YouTube as my main “watching videos” channel, and it happens to have the same mail for login as the one I primarily use for G+’s social applications. I do not want to connect the social side with my YouTube watching account, because I don’t want everyone in the world to know what I see and when I see it. It’s not because I have something to hide, it’s because I do like to have some privacy.

Also, there are very many people out there that use sneak tactics to link you to their videos, such as websites that has an embedded player with auto-play enabled. All of those videos goes straight to your “recently watched” list on your currently active YouTube account. With G+ integration, it also goes straight out to your “circles”, broadcasting it to the world.

Meanwhile, Google still refuses to give out any contact information and forces its users to “contact” them through a backwards, 1990-esque message board. Good luck to talk to an actual Google employee there!

Why do they want the common man to have such complete transparency into their private lives, when they themselves don’t even want to talk to us?

Another bad call, Google. You’re really racking them up now!

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