Youtube, you’re tearing me apart

Oh my god… Youtube got so many complaints that they decided to change their layout again… By switching place of the text links on the left-side “guide”. That’s all they did! Your subscriptions and What To Watch is now on top and the links you don’t care about is on the bottom.

I know that’s how it was supposed to be from the start, but why did they wait a WHOLE YEAR until they made that change? In code it is a minor change, it takes roughly 10 seconds to change it, but for the users it’s a bit more complicated. You see, humans work roughly 80% off muscle memory. If you’re doing the same thing over and over, your brain doesn’t even register what the text say any more, you know roughly where the link is and your hand moves the cursor to it and clicks because you’ve done it hundreds of times before.

To make matters worse, there’s no longer any separation between the useful and useless links. They are all bundled together with no blank space between them. It’s like they are TRYING to make the site less user friendly with every update.

A 10 second change that wasn’t needed became a decrease in usability for the site. Have Google hired 5-year-olds to take care of the usability and design choices? What’s next? Translate the whole site into the Galactic Standard Alphabet?

I’m just sitting here, tearing the little hair I have left in frustration that this company that used to be my inspiration has now gone down the drain so hard that they will go through the bottom instead of hitting it!

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