Google forces Youtube users to connect to Google Plus

Ah, you gotta be kidding me… Youtube updated AGAIN.

This time they want to force you to connect your YT account with a G+ account and call it a “service to you” by having the comments you write appear on G+ too… but that meant that you need to hook it up to a G+ account in order to comment, which means you have to state your real name (thanks to G+ TOS).

Since you’re only allowed to have one G+ account per real person (same as Facebook), that means I can no longer have my watching account where I watch and comment on videos unrelated to my posting account that I want to keep spam-free.
That also means collab channels will be connected to one single persons G+, since companies can’t have G+, it has to be a real, physical, verifiable person.

I seriously hope they’ll realize soon enough, when the number of accounts just about gets cut in half, that this is not a good approach!

There have already been a number of rant videos about this (yes, that’s 9 videos released within 3 hours of each other!), many of them sounded really conspiratorial, but the bad part is that it was true. They have locked comments, the messaging system (inbox) and ALL of the forums if you do not accept to use G+ with Youtube. That includes the support and feedback forum, so they are essentially censoring the people who are against this atrocity. They don’t want to hear anyone complain.
I found a way around this though, but it takes YOUR help to do it.

What can we do?

At the bottom of every page on Youtube there is a small button labeled “help” with an up arrow next to it. If you click the arrow, you’ll get a menu. On this menu, there is a small, hardly readable link that says “feedback” in the lower right of the box. If you click this, you’ll open a channel directly to the Youtube support staff, a one-way communication from you to them.

Here you can write a message of any length (they say keep it brief, but have no forced character limit) and you can use your mouse to drag a box around the “problematic area”. I left a lengthy message in this feedback box stating there is a problem with commenting on videos, that I cannot access the inbox or their forums and that what they are doing is just plain wrong. In this message I stated a number of reasons why their approach is wrong, including, but not limited to:

  • G+ TOS prevents you from having multiple YT channels
  • G+ TOS prevents you from having a collab channel with friends
  • G+ has nothing to offer, so it’s wrong to force people to sign up just to bring their number of accounts up
  • G+ is not something people use, so it’s wrong to post all your YT comments on G+ just to give the appearance of content
  • People might not always want the comment they write on one site to be publicly available everywhere, so forcing it to be posted on G+ as well is just plain wrong
  • People who have used YT from before Google bought it may still have their accounts flagged from the previous 2-strike rule YT used to have (that gave a permanent flag) and that account is usually the one they use regularly. With a forced G+ they cannot use their “upload account” anymore, meaning their monetization options are now gone

This feedback system is rather flawed, since they won’t read every problem that comes up, but if enough people post the same problem, they will read it. Therefore I urge you to use the feedback system to post your complaints about the G+ linking. You may state what I wrote above as a reason, or if you have other reasons not to link the accounts, state those as well (and please leave a comment with it here, so I can add it to the list for others to post as well).

Together we can make Google see that forcing people to use a social service does not make it a good service. There needs to be a need to use the service! Facebook fills a need, and that is to connect people. Twitter fills a need and that is to quickly get live updates out. Instagram fills a need and that is to quickly and smoothly share live pictures to your friends and followers. LinkedIn fills a need, the need to connect the workforce with the people seeking workers and to quickly see what they have done and get references without the need to make any calls.

Google Plus have nothing at all that these services doesn’t already provide on a larger scale and in a better format. We don’t need a do-all-end-all solution to this. Some people want to connect with friends, get live updates, but don’t want to post pictures or have a publicly available documentation of their professional career. These people can today sign up for FB and Twitter and just choose to not sign up for Instagram or LinkedIn. G+ does not give that option, when you sign up for G+ you get the whole package, whether you want to or not.

Why is G+ so bad?

If you want to share anything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social site, you have to actively choose to share it. This is because you might not want to share everything you do with everyone around you. This is a good thing, it is called personal space or personal integrity. G+ forces you to share every single character you type, every single image or video you upload and it automatically puts it right in the face of everyone you know.

I’m the kind of person that types 15-20 messages on my facebook wall every single day, many of them are so called “novel posts”, posts of article length. Those are things I want people to know! I want people to know what I write right now, so I will link this post to my social networks. I do not want my grandma to know that I corrected a factual error someone wrote in the comment section of a video about puppies or my mom to know every time I comment about the absurdity of Kanye West’s “dong” in that Skinhead video of his. These are things that only relates to those particular videos and there is nor a need or a want to share that with the whole world.

To sum it all up

Google wanted in on the social network business, but did not have any original ideas on how to go about it, so they tried to make the ultimate solution. People do not want that, because it goes against what the other social sites are made for.
Google sank millions of dollars into creating this network, so they do not want to just shut it down or let it lie there unused, so they try to force people into “using” it by having every google-related service hook up to it. That way they get more signed accounts and each account will have content, making it seem like it’s a popular thing, when it is in fact forced and double posted information.

Google is wrong in doing this!

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