Facebook, what are you doing? Facebook? STAHP!

Oh, gee, thanks Facebook. Just realized why it seems like so many people and businesses left Facebook.
“Show latest updates” doesn’t show ALL updates anymore!

I don’t know how long it’s been going on, but apparently it’s from sometime last year. In 2011 Facebook put in a feature where you’d by default only see some content posted, to help you to not get completely spammed on Facebook. You could turn that feature off (which I did).
In 2012, they added the “feature” that if you had it enabled, the friends you didn’t get messages from wouldn’t get your updates either. Again, you could disable it and I did.

Last year they started with the “Top Stories” BS, where Facebook’s algorithms would decide what you like to see. You could change this and get ALL stories in the usual reversed chronological order by clicking “Show latest” instead.

Sometime later they changed it again, now you are forced to use the algorithm that decides what you want to see for you and blocks ALL other content based on things you’ve shown interest in and disliked before. This goes for both friends and business pages.
The problem is that this system is completely broken!

I “liked” the local transport company because I want to get daily updates on how traffic is in the city and be able to quickly report issues I see. Since I didn’t want to “like” the train service, the algorithm decided that I don’t like transport and now I can’t get the updates from the local transport company anymore.

Certain “friends” that have posted pictures I really don’t want to see have been added to the list of people I don’t want updates from, just because I clicked “Don’t show this update” on those pictures. Now I don’t get to see their updates and they probably won’t get to read this.

If I were to disable Ad Blocker, there would be a lot of “recommended” content that I would click away. If any of those were to be any news source or magazine or publication, chances are that I won’t even see the content from The Torch, a page I’m the admin of!

WTF Facebook? If I “like” something, chances are that I actually want to SEE that thing. If I “friend” someone, chances are that I actually want to interact with that person.
Why do you spam us with content we didn’t ask for and remove content we DID ask for?

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