What is up with advertising nowadays?

Here follows two of my Facebook rants, to give you a hint of what I’m about to write about.

Seriously, Facebook? You won’t give me the alternative to let all my fans see my page without paying you, and when I pay you, you still refuse to give me that option?
Why would I pay you anything to “help me reach more” (people that I’ve already reached and you arbitrary blocked until I give you greens), if you won’t even let me do it on a global scale?

It is near impossible for me to manually type in every one of the 150+ countries we have readers from, so why won’t you let me have the option of “global” or “worldwide”? Why do I have to choose a country?
And if the majority of the admins on the page are from Europe, why on earth would you default the ads to US?

Nah man, you ain’t getting a penny from me today, Facebook. Not until you clean up your sh***!


And don’t get me started on Google…. Got an AdWords account when I was in Sweden, now I wanna use it again, because you know… marketing is kinda important, it’s how you get customers…

The [word/s censored for graphic content] won’t let you change your country, time zone or currency.

Mind you, the account is in no way locked to a single business, it’s locked to a person. The only way for me as a person to change the details is to close the account, lose all the progress, all the saved data (which includes 4 years worth of very important statistics) and create a new one.

Here’s what the fanboys (because getting an answer from an actual employee is impossible, unless you’re at Paramount level of spending) at Google forums said:
“Call Adwords support; They usually nice there, and will change it for you; but only once; , So this time, think carefully about currency and time zone…”

Think carefully about currency and time zone… Yeah, because I’m in control of time zones and currencies, right? They make it seem like it would be easier for me to push the earth until the place I live in has the time zone I used to live in and to get the whole country to use the currency I once used.

Well, it’s Google we’re talking about, of course that option would be the easier one!

Yup, today we’re gonna talk about advertising online and why so few people does it.

It used to be that advertising online was a hard thing to do. You had to contact the websites you wanted an ad on and set up a deal with them. You had to have your own piece of code for your banner and your own way of tracking and all of that. Then ad networks came around that took care of all of those pieces for you. Google AdWords was one of the first ones and is still one of the most popular alternatives, due to its simple setup.

As a publisher, you can set up AdWords on your site within minutes. As an advertiser, you can have your ads running on thousands of sites within minutes. No hassle… until anything changes.

You are only permitted to change your language and your email, if anything else changes, you are screwed.

You can change whatever you want on any other Google account, but on AdWords, it is assumed that where you live and the currency you use when you sign up for the account is something that will never change.

As pissy as that is, at least you can still use the services. You have to look up exchange rates and do some translating, but it is still usable after you move.


Facebook, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Here we have a platform that started with the promise to connect the whole world. A few years back, it looked like they were about to succeed with that goal and many users had hundreds of “friends” and liked a multitude of pages, all pages sent out a multitude of posts each day and the user got to sort through it all themselves, in reverse chronological order.

Then someone at the office realized what an opportunity had befallen them. What if they were to restrict the page reach, so that only a handful of people ever saw the posts? They could market it as something to remove all the clutter and be seen as heroes. Then they could tell the page administrators that if they “market” their posts, they’ll reach all of their fans.

It was genius, until anyone thought about it for more than 2 seconds and realized that what Facebook did was charge you to reach the people you had already reached and therefore limit the pages to only reach new people if they had enough money to spend.

Unfortunately, either the decision makers at Facebook didn’t think for more than 2 seconds or they just didn’t care about the users, because the “marketing tool” now is atrocious!


It used to be that you could pay £5 and get a sidebar ad viewed 10 000 times. 100 of the people seeing it would click it and about 10 of those would like your page and your page reach would increase each time.

Now you have to pay £1 per day to reach 100 people that already like your page. The reach cap is percentual, so if you have 10 000 likers and the cap is 10%, then 100 people will still see your content. If you have 100 likers, only 10 would see it.Oh, and it gets worse…. much worse!You have to target your ads and select a target audience. This includes what country you want the ad to show in. You can’t put more than 5 countries in at a time and there is no option for larger region or even global.There are between 189 and 196 independent states in the world today. If you have 200 fans from half of those and you want to spend the minimum needed to reach your own fans, the ones you’ve already gotten  to like your own page, you have to spend about £40 per post and day. That is usually way more than what the website brings in.That turned many companies and websites to Twitter for marketing… and Twitter has started with “Promoted Tweets”, just like Facebook did a few years ago… Me? I’m gonna hit Vine for marketing before they realize they can profit on withholding your fans as well!

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