Your job might be obsolete

Technology brings a whole new world of possibilities, and with that comes new jobs. One downside to technology is that old jobs become obsolete.
Right now, we are facing a lot of technophobes in positions of power that intentionally hold technology back in order to “preserve jobs”, not realizing that for every job that becomes obsolete, two new ones takes its place.

Here’s a few examples of jobs that have gone obsolete in the past, that people thought as natural as factory assemblers or street sweepers are now (both are jobs that could be made redundant with the current technology):

1) Tosher

A tosher waded through the sewers looking for items that were too big for the pipes. These items would clog the sewers and often times they could be washed and resold.

Made obsolete by: A grate put at the end of the main pipe in combination with restrictions on the size of the holes that leads into the sewer (the sink hole and the toilet pipe).

That gave us: Plumbing architechts, plumbers, industrial pipe fitters

2) Bang-beggar

A bang-beggar would walk around darkened areas at night and scare away undesirables.

Made obsolete by: Street lights and a centralised police force

That gave us: Police officers of different ranks, gas fitters (and later electricians)

3) Pimp makers

Pimp is an old English term for firewood. A pimp maker would collect firewood in bundles and sell in the towns.

Made obsolete by: Cars and trucks along with mechanised lumber production.

That gave us: Truck drivers, mechanised lumber mill operators, lumber assessors, wood salesmen

4) Link Boy

A link boy was a boy carrying a torch that could be hired to escort you home at night.

Made obsolete by: Street lights (even before electricity, but even more so after)

That gave us: Same as with bang-beggars, this gave us gas fitters and later electricians as well as city planners.

5) Night Soil Man

Their jobs were simple: Emptying other people’s potties

Made obsolete by: Plumbing

This gave us: Plumbers


So the next time you’re worried that technology might take your job, just relax and think about what you will do next. There will always be more jobs with new technology. If nothing else, even if a machine or a creation is to take your current job, these machines and creation will require maintenance.

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