I guess my vote doesn’t count then

Today is the UK General Elections and I did not get to vote. Three times did the papers come in the mail, three times did the Council ask me to register to vote and three times did I fill out the forms and send them back. After the fourth, I even registered online. I am still waiting for a reply and a voting card…

My conclusion is that I am not eligible to vote, probably because I’ve been in the country a little more than 12 months by now. It would have been nice if they let me know that though, instead of just asking me to register. And yes, they asked me, by name, in letters sent to me, by name, with my NID inside to confirm it was really me they were asking.

The Greens, the Conservatives, the LibDems, the Labour… heck, even UKIP sent voting material to me, by name, asking me to vote for them, each with their arguments for why they should rule over this small industrial town on the outskirts of Birmingham. But alas, I did not get my voting card or confirmation that I am eligible to vote.

Last year, something similar happened in Sweden. I had left the country, but I am still a citizen, so I am still eligible to vote by proxy, but I did not receive the voting card. I still haven’t!

Now all I can do is sit here and hope that others vote the way I would have. Many did in the Swedish election, but many didn’t, which lead to a record high vote count for the nazi party Swedish Democrats, who share a lot of ideals and rhetorics with UKIP.

All I can do is sit here and hope that we won’t get another mandate period with the Tories or the Racists in power…

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