BBC’s blatant hatemongering pisses me off

BBC is usually a respectable source of news, but whenever they talk about “terrorists”, it just pisses me right off. I haven’t seen this kind of hatemongering in a long time. What am I talking about? The portrayal of Muslims, of course!

Every time BBC News or BBC 60 Seconds mention the words “terrorist” or “extremist”, they put up photos of Muslims. Not ISIS, not Muslims with weapons, not known terrorists or extremists, but regular people in religious apparel. They are conditioning the viewers to associate the words with the imagery of a woman in burka or hijab, a group of men with beards wearing kufis and tunics or girls in long dresses and hijab, preferably looking slightly sad.

Britain, of all countries, should know that extremism, terrorism and radicalisation comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. The highest number of terrorist attacks in Europe comes from IRA and targets Britain, yet it’s not typical Irishmen in traditional Irish clothes we see. The biggest event regarding radical extremists that ever happened to Britain was the invasion by the German Nazis in WW2, but it’s not typical Nazis in uniforms we see.

The behaviour of the BBC is bordering racism!

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