Don’t stand by Daniel, the now convicted drug manufacturer and murderer

“What’s the harm in alternative medicine” you ask?

Daniel Smith and his partner are the first in line to be convicted for poisoning kids with bleach.
These people should’ve used their brains, sure, but the bigger baddie here is the online company that sells the bleach and calls it “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. They claim it can cure autism and claims that the side effects of bleach poisoning is actually leaches inside the body that has died from the “treatment”. It is in fact pieces of the stomach and intestinal lining that is expelled from the body due to bleach poisoning!
Roped in parents are convinced to not contact medical centres or visit hospitals, as this could “reset the progress” and thus they’ll never find out that this is such bullshit until their child dies. By that point, Jim Humble, the creator of MMS, has already raked in thousands of dollars from the parents.

Humble claims MMS and it’s slightly diluted version, CDS, can cure a whole host of things, from AIDS to autism and even cancer (even though it causes cancer for many of those who are unlucky enough to survive that long). Most people who are “treated” with MMS or CDS sustain long-term or permanent damage to their bodies even after just one treatment.
MMS is NOT legal for sale or use in the United States, hence why Humble runs his company completely online, using offshore offices and warehouses to ship the bleach directly to customers. Despite this, the main defense of the newly formed “StandByDaniel” movement is that the drug is legal.

Daniel Smith and one co-conspirator were convicted on 6 federal charges: one count of conspiracy, four counts of interstate sales of misbranded drugs, and one count of smuggling. The couple had been operating since 2004 out of their own home. Two more are due to be convicted by the end of this week.

MMS is also known as 28% chlorine dioxide dilution, or industrial bleach.

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