Youtubers get their videos stolen by news channel

TV3 News from New Zealand inadvertently blamed Youtuber I Hate Everything for anonymous threats from 4Chan, by using his video (without credit or permission) about the website.
In the video, he showed a scroll of his own channel, which made sense in context, but the news channel doesn’t seem to be able to see the (very blatant) difference between a Youtube channel and a 4Chan page, so they left the scroll in there while talking about how 4Chan users are out of control.

I Hate Everything is not too upset over the whole ordeal, but he did point out how easy it would be for this established media outlet to just credit him, the way he (and most others) give credit whenever they source content. A small piece of text at the bottom of the screen or a quick mention would have been enough… and having an editor that actually knew anything about the content of their own show could have been a bonus as well.

Where are all those heavilly enforced Intellectual Property laws when it’s the small people getting trampled on by the big corporations? Huh? Why aren’t you defending your users, Youtube? We all know you’d go out of your way to facilitate TV3 News if they wanted to pursue legal action against I Hate Everything, but you won’t lift a single finger if he’d wish to do the same?


In addition to I Hate Everything, they include a clip from Gamer From Mars, where they even included the audio (again, without credit).


I Hate Everything’s response to the stolen content:


The news video: LINK


Gamer From Mars original video, which can be seen and heard at 2:14 in the news video (3:18 in the GFM video):

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