The modern witch hunt – The need to blame someone

I recently read an article about an unfortunate event, where a young boy (around 3 years old) had fallen 10 ft from a first floor window. I also saw that The Sun had made an article about it, where the title emphasized that the poor mother had been slapped with a case for neglect, as she was sleeping when it happened. I might have to add that this was at around 8am, not an unusual time to be asleep.

This is what the article tells us

  • The child fell from the first floor window
  • The child did not get badly injured
  • The mother was asleep
  • The police had to break into the apartment to wake her up

That’s it, all the information we have on the case is right there. Yet that is all they need, the over 100 commenters on The Sun’s facebook page, to scream for blood. Some wanted the child to be taken from the mother and put into the severely broken adoption system. Some wanted the mother to be put in jail. Some commenters even went so far as to threaten the mother with physical violence.

At the same time, a lot of commenters were simply making up facts. Some say the mother was drugged. Others that she has mental health issues. A lot of people seem to think she is on benefits and sits around at home all day. The majority of commenters said she has no child safety devices in her home. None of this was written in the article, nor could any information of the sort be found in any online search. In fact, there was no cause listed at all for how the child could fall through the window. The article doesn’t even mention if the child fell through an open window, or through the glass.

But why?

This is a result of our guilt-driven society. People are obsessed with everything being the result of someone’s intentional actions. Everybody’s foresight is 20/20 and everyone knows everything. They are all safety experts and have never made a mistake in their whole lives, not even once. There is always somebody to blame.

I think this is a direct result of the lawsuit mentality we have in the UK right now. Everybody is actively looking for someone to blame, so when it happens to them, they’ll know who to sue.

For you non-UK residents, the system works like this: If anything happens to you, anything at all, you can sue someone. In fact, you’re encouraged to sue. Everybody with a phone gets 2-3 calls a day from cold fishers, asking if you have been in an accident or had an injury in the past 3 years. Not only is it encouraged, it’s free for the claimant. There’s something called “No Win, No Fee” here, where you only have to pay if you actually win the case, so there’s a huge incentive to sue.

And for that reason, people are always keeping themselves aware of what other people are doing. It’s the main reason CCTV systems for private properties have become so popular. It’s the reason why UK overtook Russia in number of dashboard cameras in the past year. Many people even put cameras on their helmets when they go for a bicycle ride, just in case something happens, so they’ll have proof.

But what if there’s nobody to blame?

Or rather, what if the only person you can blame couldn’t have done it differently? In the case of the woman above, there is a number of circumstances that we don’t know about. We don’t know if she had child locks on the windows that might have broken. We don’t know if she might have bought faulty child locks. We don’t know why she was in such deep sleep at 8am. We don’t know if it was an actual case of neglect yet.

But she’s already guilty. In the eyes of the people, she’s as guilty as can be, and she deserves to have her child taken away. The child is better off in a broken adoption system than with his mother. The mother deserves beatings or worse. She should be castrated to prevent her from having any more children that she can neglect, while out partying away her benefits checks all night, taking all kinds of drugs. She’s a bad parent and should not be allowed to have children.

That’s what the people see. They don’t wait for objective judgment. They won’t hang on to this case for long enough to even find out what the investigation says. Someone is to blame, so they blame someone. There are no accidents in the mind of the people any more. Everything is clear cut, and they would never make that mistake, never even slip up once. Someone is to blame.

Someone is to blame.

We need to blame someone…

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