Project Breedable

READ FIRST: Due to a computer breakdown, this project is currently on ice. The links won’t work for now and I cannot access the source code I’ve written so far. Until I can get my computer fixed and can access my backups again, this project is frozen. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but that’s how life goes unfortunately. I just cannot afford to repair the computer, let alone access a broken disc, at this time!

This will be the temporary home page for my latest programming project. I will publish the pre-alphas here, but when we reach a position I’m comfortable to call Alpha, it will move to its own site.

This game requires Java to run. You can download it here!

What is Project Breedable?

It is meant to be a game where the player can mix and match traits of different life forms to create new ones.

Right now it is just a face generator thou, but it demos some of the mechanics the end product will use. By taking some traits from the “mother”, some from the “father” and a chance to bring on a completely new trait, the face changes appearance when a new “generation” is born.

In the ReadMe you will find versions not listed here. These are stable versions, therefore I have rendered them, but the changes are too minor for me to pack them and put here. You won’t miss much, the newer versions will either contain the same changes or better versions of that.

Breedable v0.0.11pa

Breedable v0.0.10pa

Breedable v0.0.02pa

Breedable v0.0.01pa


v0.0.11 Pre-Alpha
*Switched positions of some buttons
*Added new feature: Edit Parents
*Lets you edit the traits both parents have
*Available traits are based on the traits you have discovered
*Changed naming convention for easier overview
v0.0.10 Pre-Alpha
*Total rework of the graphics
*Changed from abstract figures to faces
*Standardized sizes for easier relative positioning
*Changed some names
*Changed sizes

V0.0.03 Pre-Alpha
*Added a splash screen/Pre-Loader
*Added list of names of traits the main character has
*Added more test traits (not just color this time)
*Added New Game button to reset the game
*Resizing no longer causes certain elements to move around
*Traits are preloaded now

V0.0.02 Pre-Alpha
*Optimized trait generation
*New Roll now adds child as “father” and keeps “mother” the same instead of giving new random roll

V.0.0.01 Pre-Alpha
*Random generator for traits
*5 Tier 1 traits, 1 special trait
*Basic functionality

Known bugs:
*Animals can be “inbred”, new traits becoming very rare and you’ll be generating “new” animals without anything seemingly happening

Planned features:
*Player select parents
*Generations system where each new generation is stored, so player can pick from previous traits
*More traits
*New graphics to look nicer than the test graphics
*A bit more control over the breeding process


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